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ORIGINTIMES Colosimo Safewinder


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This decorative safe is very impressive because of its straight shape and because of its high gloss polished stainless steel surface. When the door of this safe is opened - only after entering a 3-digit personal code - the sight is particularly striking. This is when the smoothly functioning, intricate locking mechanism is revealed, an aesthetic gem, as masterfully crafted as the inner workings of a fine clockwork. The COLOSIMO SAFEWINDER is the result of three years of development of the manufacturer and it is equipped with a premium watch winder by ORIGINTIMES (MTE). The control unit allows clockwise and counterclockwise rotations as well as a reversing rotation mode. Therefore it is able to keep all automatic clockworks running. Dimensions: h 278 mm, w 270 mm and d 270 mm.

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