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Metal straps

Metal straps / bracelets for wrist-watches !

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Metal watch straps

what you need to know before purchase


Introduction to metal straps

A metal strap isn't purely just a component of a wristwatch, but a contributor to the overall impression of the wristwatch. In contrast to leather straps, metal straps belong permanently (for a long time period) to the wrist watch. The reason for changing a metal strap, apart from minor defects, is the watch owner's taste. Old metal straps become unsightly, get scratched or are simply no longer liked and refurbishment is simply not cost effective for expensive metal straps. The following points should be taken into consideration when selecting a metal strap for a wristwatch: do you need a round or straight lug? (Many metal straps are delivered with both lugs.) A polished metal strap is the best choice from a hygiene point of view but is also prone to scratches and does not suit every wrist watch. Solid metal straps generally make a more significant impression but can also be much heavier which can considerably affect wearing comfort.


Measuring the width of metal straps

To determine the required width of a metal strap measure the distance between the lugs on the watch housing; this measurement method also applies to spring bars, which means that the width of the metal strap and spring bar are always the same.


Measuring the length of metal straps

Non-branded metal watch straps generally have a standard length of 18-20cm. Longer metal watch straps are marked as such (extra long or XL, XXL) and have a total length of approximately 20-22cm.


Reasons for cleaning, maintaining and treating your metal strap

We recommend that metal straps are regularly cleaned with a toothbrush under running water to remove dirt and sweat and the use of an ultrasonic cleaner with cleaning concentrate (Elma 1:9 or Sambol) for final cleaning. Use a watch polishing cloth to polish very small scratches together with a good metal polisher. Larger, deeper scratches should be professionally polished; this requires a polishing machine (we recommend Xenox) and a set of polishing brushes and pastes.


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