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Specials and residual item for watchmaker

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  1. Bench peg and anvil with clamp

    Bench peg and anvil with clamp

    The ideal tool for those who don't have a professional jewellers or watchmaker bench, the bench peg and anvil set comprises of a bench anvil made from metal, and a wooden bench peg. This jewellers bench peg and anvil set is for multifunctional use, perfect for metal forming work. The bench peg is secured to the bench with a G Clamp, with the slanted surface uppermost, the top of the clamp has a flat smooth surface which is used as the anvil. The clamp is 75mm x 60mm on the top. The height is 90mm excluding the screw or 150mm including the screw when fastened to a bench. Weight: 1400g. A versatile universal equipment for jewelers, watchmakers and hobbyists. Learn More
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    Letter punches A - Z

    Hardened steel letter punches are excellent for marking tool bodies or keys. Includes 27 punches, letters A-Z plus the ampersand. Learn More
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    Set of figure punches

    Hardened Steel figure punches are excellent for marking tool bodies or keys. Learn More
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    Steel Bench Block with Nylon Block and Rubber Base

    This S1 DELUXE bench block set comes with a steel bench block, a nylon bench block, and a rubber base that can house either of them. The steel bench block is made of high quality tool steel. It is a versatile bench block, and can be used for forming, riveting, work-hardening wire, planishing flat elements, stamping, and more. The nylon bench block can be used for more delicate purposes like straightening wire and sheet, flattening wire, or working with PMC. It will hold up to hammer strikes, but it will not mark or scratch your metal. The rubber base absorbs the vibration from hammer strikes and makes hammering more efficient as well as quieter. Steel and nylon blocks measure 7.6 cm in diameter and 2 cm thick. Rubber block measures 10 cm in diameter and 3.2 cm thick and snuggly houses either block. Overall weighs ca. 1kg. Learn More
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  5. thumbnaik

    Mini anvil with base BULLONGÈ MA70

    This BULLONGÈ MA70 mini anvil is a great tool for detailed metal forming work. The base help ensure it remains secure on the table, and it has enough weight to prevent being knocked down if the table gets bumped. Wires can be strung through the pritchel hole to make working on them easier. The stainless steel build ensures that you'll be able to use this anvil for years to come. Overall height 70mm, width 125mm. A nice miniature anvil for many work on the workbench, ideal for watchmakers and jewelers. Learn More
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  6. Mini double horn anvil BULLONGÈ MHA2

    Mini double horn anvil BULLONGÈ MHA2

    BULLONGÈ MHA2 mini double horn anvil has one flat tapered horn and one round tapered horn. It is perfect for forming, flattening, shaping and riveting, has a hole on top for riveting or bending wires. Made of forged steel, machined case hardened and a high polished finish. This miniature anvil can be used jewelers, bead and wire working, watchmakers and metal-smiting work. Anvil can be turn upside down and used for forming round forms and shapes. Dimensions 108mm x 30mm x 45mm (l x w x h). Weight ca. 550g. Learn More
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    Screw plate with tap 0,6 to 1,0mm

    6 piece tap and die set. Used for cutting threads on screws and watch repair. Comes with one screw plate and 5 taps. The tap sizes are: 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9 and 1.00 mm Learn More
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    31pc HSS mini tap & die set BULLONGÈ MINI-BASIC-Z

    31pc HSS mini tap & die set BULLONGÈ MINI-BASIC-Z, ideal for watchmaker workshop and jewelers. Contents: 9x dies M1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2, 2.2, 2.5 mm. 18x hand taps: sizes M1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2, 2.2, 2.5 mm. 1x wrench, 1x die lining, 2x tap linings. Presented in plastic storage case. Learn More
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    Ring Stick original BULLONGÈ RS25 european sizes

    Ring Stick original BULLONGÈ RS25. Measuring at 25cm in length, this tapered aluminum ring stick has size markings that are cut around the entire circumference of the ring stick for easy visibility and accurate readings. Learn More
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    Ring gauge kit BULLONGÈ MR36 EUROPEAN STANDARD for checking a ring size. The kit includes european sizes 41-76, total 39 ring gauges. Each gauge is 2 mm thick and very sturdy. Learn More
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    Ring stick and ring gauge kit BULLONGÈ MSR

    Ring Stick BULLONGÈ RS25 and ring gauge kit BULLONGÈ MR39 in a set. To determine the ring size (european standard). Learn More
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  12. tumbnail

    Deluxe ring gauge kit BULLONGÈ RM-DELUXE with mandrel

    This convenient ring sizing system BULLONGÈ PRO RM-DELUXE EUROPEAN SIZE contains 36 rings, 7mm wide, and a matching ring mandrel with comfort rubber handle. Finger gauges and ring stick are perfectly matched in graduated full and half sizes to ensure an accurate and comfortable fit every time. Wooden presentation case with conversion chart is included. Learn More
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    S1 Deluxe 4in1 quartz watch tester and battery checker

    S1 DELUXE 4in1 quartz watch tester and battery checker. 1) The line release program makes that the hands turn quickly and it showing the gear train is working correct or not. This program function can also fix the problem of most stopped quartz watches (regeneration and push function). 2) Another function is the pulse tester to check that the electronic circuit board is working properly. 3) Simple battery tester to check if the watch battery has power or not, indicating with green and red colors. 4) ECB or Quartz circuit test function. An excellent device for hobbyist watchmaker, professionals and quartz watch collectors. The quartz watch tester works with a battery (included but disconnected and wrapped in plastic, you need a screwdriver to open the device). Contains english manual. Dimensions: 95 x 33 x 60mm. Learn More
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    Beco Technic CHECK & PUSH Regeneration & Tester

    Quick tester for quartz watches Beco Technic Check + Push, without opening the watch. Even for watches with metal bracelets. 2 programs: Check function: Functional check or Push function: Release of blocked gear (regeneration of quartz-movements) and check of hand position. Inclusive 230 V adapter. Made in germany. Learn More
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    Horotec NEW TURBO for releasing train wheels of watches

    The Horotec New TURBO 19.107 Tester is used for testing the mechanical side of quartz analog watch movements. Use this tester as a complement to your traditional watch battery tester as it tests the inside workings of your quartz watch movement and helps you determine if replacing your watch battery will actually fix the problem or if there is another issue with the movement. If you have already replaced your watch battery, but the hands of the watch are still not working you can use the Turbo Tester check the train wheels that control the hands. Sometimes these gears can get stuck due to a build up of dust or dry oils and all it takes to get them working again is a jump start. The Horotec Turbo uses magnetic impulsion to get the train wheels moving again for you and it will start the hands spinning at turbo speeds - for best results you will want to let the Turbo Tester drive the train wheels for about two minutes. If the hands do not move smoothly around the watch dial while on the tester, you will know there is another issue with the movement. When you remove the watch from the tester, the hands should continue to work at normal speed if the battery is good and the train wheels were the problem. If they do not, you will know that there is something else wrong with the watch. To operate, lay the watch out face up on the tester so you can watch the hands move. You may have to adjust the watch's position on the tester until the pulse is directed at the right point inside the movement. You can only use this tester on electronic quartz movements, mechanical watches lack the parts to respond to the pulse. Horotec Turbo is powered by 1 included 9 volt battery. Cannot be used to test mechanical watches. Learn More
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    Quartz watch movement + battery testing device DynostiX

    Quartz watch tester Riedel Technic DynostiX, ingeniously simple to use, perfect for hobbyist watchmaker and collectors. Wrap a quartz watch around this impulse and battery checker to easily identify defective parts. No need to open the watch case to determine if the problem is the battery, electrical parts, or mechanical parts of a quartz watch. Battery: LR03/AAA size, 1.5Vx 2 (not Included). Operation manual: for watch quartz Impulse checker: 1. push the switch upward. 2. put the quartz watch or movement on the watch dial position for testing, one of the following results will occur. (A) No sound and no green light: either the battery or the electronic parts are in poor condition. Solution: check / renew battery and re-test. If still no reaction, check / renew electronic parts or complete watch movement. (B) If there is a sound and the green light flashes, but the watch hands do not move: the battery and the electronic parts are in good condition, but the mechanical parts are in poor condition or blocked (wheels). Your can use a device for releasing train wheels of watches or check / renew mechanical parts and re-test. If still no reaction, renew complete quartz watch movement. (C) If hearing a sound, the green light flashes and the watch hands are moving: The quartz watch or movement is in good condition. For button battery checker 1. Push the switch downward. 2. Put the battery onto the battery checking plate position for testing; ensure positive (+) side is downward. 3. Press down the plastic button, the battery level lights will indicate the voltage. Yellow light: renew is necessary. Learn More
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