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Leather Straps

Leather straps for wrist-watches !

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Leather watch straps

what you need to know before purchase


Introduction to leather straps

A leather strap isn't purely just a consumable part of a wristwatch, but a contributor to the overall impression of the wristwatch. Due to many differences in quality we would like to point out that a leather watch strap is a component of the watch which is most affected by outside influences such as light, perspiration, water, soap etc. We therefore recommend the following: think about whether it is a good idea, from a hygiene point of view to regularly change a leather watch strap. Also ask yourself the question whether the leather watch strap really has to be the same as the original branded watch manufacturer or whether a leather watch strap with a good price/performance ratio such as for example those from Birkenstock or Rios1931 (both made in Germany) etc. could also serve you well.


Measuring the width of leather straps

To determine the required width of a leather strap measure the distance between the lugs on the watch housing; this measurement method also applies to spring bars, which means that the width of the leather strap and spring bar are always the same.


Measuring the length of leather straps

Non-branded leather watch straps generally have a standard length of 18-20cm for men's watches and 17-19cm for women's watches without buckle. Longer leather watch straps are marked as such (extra long or XL, XXL) and have a total length of approximately 20-22cm without buckle.


Looking after your leather strap

A leather strap does not last forever, purely for hygiene reasons, (perspiration, environmental influences, light / UV radiation, etc.) but looking after the strap can considerably extend its lifespan. Smooth leather should initially be thoroughly cleaned with a damp (not wet) cleaning cloth. Afterwards allow the leather strap to slowly dry. Complete your maintenance routine by treating the strap with leather milk or leather cream - these contain oils, fats, UV filters to prevent fading, and antioxidants to pause the decay of the leather. Very rough, matt, open-pored leather watch straps should only be brushed and treated with a waterproofing spray.


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