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Watch Boxes

Watch boxes / Watch Cases / Watch Suitcases / Watch Cabinets

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Watch boxes – Watch cases – Watch pouches

Watch cabinets – Watch stands


What you need to know about watch boxes / cases, watch cabinets and watch pouches

Watch boxes come in various designs: made of hardwood, varnished MDF or leather / imitation leather etc. The visual appearance of watch boxes is a question of personal taste so we have not adopted a particular position.


Things to take into consideration when buying a watch box

Many factors are decisive when purchasing a watch box / watch case: will it be also used on the move - if so, this virtually eliminates watch boxes made of hardwood or varnished MDF due to their higher weight and sensitive surfaces. Here we instead recommend a watch box made of leather or imitation leather. A further purchasing decision is the question of what the diameter of your wrist watches is - some watch boxes are designed only up to a diameter of 42-45 mm, others even go up to 65 mm. You will also need to taken into consideration whether your watches have predominantly leather or metal straps and whether they have a butterfly clasp as certain watch boxes, particularly those with glass lids, have a restricted amount of space.


Watch boxes and quality

European watch box manufacturers are distinguished by their long tradition, the high level of design and quality of their products. Here we primarily mean watch boxes from Germany, Switzerland and leather goods from Italy. In addition there are some emerging markets who have made a name for themselves, in particular producing watch boxes made of hardwood. Watch boxes from China are, in the majority of cases, not made of real wood but from varnished or veneered MDF.


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