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Watch shaker Orbita SPARTA BLACK LEATHER


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The Orbita Sparta is the “blue-collar,” single-watch winder that can wind virtually any automatic watch. Unlike other watch winders that rotate watches in order to wind them, the affordable Sparta watch winder from Orbita gently "swings" the watch instead. This also makes the Sparta ideal for kinetic-type watches. Every 10 minutes (standard program) or 15 minutes (extended program) throughout the day, the internal microprocessor activates the drive motor, causing the watch to swing back and forth for several oscillations just as it would if it were being worn on the wrist. Extended Program: The 15-minute program was designed for automatic watches optimized for bi-directional winding (RLX and many others). These watches remain fully wound while extending battery life by 35 percent or more. The oscillating winding action of the Sparta watch winder is totally self-regulating and there is absolutely no chance of damaging an expensive watch by over-winding. A semi-circular rotor, attached to the back of the mounting cup, is the “heart” of the patented Rotorwind™ system. Made from a dense, non-magnetic iron material, it is supported by two, free-turning precision ball bearings, thus enabling the heavy mass of the rotor to produce the “back and forth” motion when the cup is raised and then released from the 12 o´clock position. This Sparta winder features a aluminium case with black leather cover. Its rubber feet prevent sliding or damage to delicate surfaces.

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