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Watch hand remover S1 DELUXE PRESTO STAR


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A perfect an inexpensive tool for hobbyist watchmaker: this watch cannon pinion and watch hand remover S1 DELUXE PRESTO STAR is a ideal watchmaker tool for removing the cannon pinion from the watch movement or safely removing watch hands while not marring or scratching the watch dial or watch movement. This watch tool is designed to be used on stop watches, wrist watches, and pocket watches with or without curved dials, as well as many other specialty and complex watches. This watch hand remover features an easy to operate action that works with just a squeeze of your fingers that will easily remove a cannon pinion or any selected watch hands. This tool is specially designed to securely grip with two prongs and uses the nylon side post as support to remove watch hands without scratching the dial and then holds the watch hands or cannon pinion firmly without damaging the watch movement.

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