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Watch Case Back & Glass Fitting Press S1 Deluxe Prestige GT


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Watch case back an glass fitting press tool S1 Deluxe® PRESTIGE GT - Hand Held Lever - with 12 red Delrin dies. Ideal case closer for awkward snap on backs, also for fitting mineral glasses. Die Diameters: Ø22 x 21mm, Ø25 x 24mm, Ø27 x 26mm, Ø28 x 27mm, Ø28 x 29mm, Ø31 x 30mm, Ø32 x 31mm, Ø33 x 32mm, Ø34 x 33mm, Ø36 x 35mm, Ø37 x 36mm, Ø40 x 39mm. A wonderful, easy to use and inexpensive tool for hobbyist watchmaker

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