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Safewinder® SmoothX 8 CARBON Safety Box & 8 watch winder


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Safewinder® SmoothX 8 CARBON Safety Box & 8 watch winder, carbon fiber fabric with white stitch. The door has two locking bolts, hidden hinges and is equipped with digital lock (and key). LED interior backlight is activated automatically after the door is opened and gives you a spectacular view of your watches. Each of the 4 watch winder you can programmed individually. The winding mode is programmed by the touch control panel. Built-in LCD display shows the information about the selected winding program. You can set: clockwise, counter-clockwise or alternating - 650 - 750 - 850 - 1000 or 1950 TPD. Incl. Sleep-Mode: working 12 hours and tha stop for 12 hours (perfect for living and leeping room). Dimensions: 43 (w) x 23 (d) x 25cm (h).

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