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Radio controlled clock movement UTS 700 17 Premium


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Radio controlled clock movement UTS 700 DCF 77 PREMIUM, complete set with hands, manufactured in the Black Forest region of Germany. This is the most accurate clock movement technology in the world today. This unique UTS movement has a built-in radio receiver that monitors the DCF low-frequency time signal that is broadcast from Germany (vicinity 1500km Frankfurt, Germany). It will adjust itself automatically to the time of the Cesium Atomic Clock which shows that exact time according to the national time standard. You never have to change to daylight savings time, the movement does it by itself. Supplied with black metal hands (hour and minute), red metal second hand and fixing nut with washer. The movement dimensions are 56 x 56 x 28 mm. Short shaft with 17 mm total length and is suitable for a clock face up to around 9 mm thick, will accept all hands with a Euroshaft fitting. Requires 1 x AA battery (not include). Build or customise your own clocks, just mount the module behind your clock face.

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