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Anti-Clockwise quartz movement set JUNGHANS 838 - 16


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German made quartz clock movement JUNGHANS 838 PREMIUM 16 ANTI-CLOCKWISE with shaft length 16 mm, it is suitable for a clock face up to around 8 mm thickness. A red adjuster on back so you don’t get them confused with conventional clock movements. Case size approx 56 x 56 x 17 mm. This Junghans ANTI-CLOCKWISE quartz movement will be supplied with the following accessories: set metal clock hands (hour minute and second) in black color, rubber washer 1 mm thickness, central fixing nut (brass), hanger (metal), hand nut open (brass). Required battery (not included): 1x LR6/AA/Mignon. These movement are very quiet and take AA batteries (not supplied).

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