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Holder for watches incl. straps BULLONGÈ QUICK-FIX


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This case holder tool BULLONGÈ QUICK-FIX is designed for wristwatches with built-in, integrated watch bands but can be used on any watch with an open style band. The watch holder features 2 metal arms that hold watch straps and bracelets out of the way while you work on the watch case or you remove the spring bars to change the watch strap. There is a 34/36mm reversible nylon die mounted in the middle for the watch to sit on without being scratched. This tool comes in handy when you have to do a quick battery change or repair on a watch and don't want to remove the band. The die is pressed on to a standard 4.6mm sized peg and can be replaced with any standard watch press nylon die. The tool is very well constructed with an all metal frame and felt feet on the bottom for a secure grip. The base of the tool measures 128 x 60mm and is approximately 54mm in height. The distance between the 2 metal arms is 100mm.

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