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Bergeon 6825-PF spring bar plier tool


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The spring bar plier Bergeon 6825-PF is a professional watch tool for many modern brand name watches, but especially suitable for RLX and TDR. This swiss made watch tool is made specifically for spring bars and help install bracelets and watch bands. The width of these pliers adjusts to fit bands from 10 mm to 30 mm, and by just turning a screw you can lock the pliers in the specific size you need for your repair. It features two stainless steel forks to grip the watch bracelet. There are notches allowing you to position the forks anywhere from 0 to 454 degree angles. 1.1mm fork opening thickness at tip end 0.23mm and tube body diameter 1.40mm. Product size 96 x 40 x 9mm.

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