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BULLONGÈ SINGLE MASTER precision link pin remover


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Link pin remover SINGLE MASTER by BULLONGÈ. This quality tool is essential for any watchmaker (or hobbyist watchmaker) that is looking for an quality tool that will not destroy or scratch your precious items, but will remove pins from bracelets. With the extraction function, adjustable height setting, ease of the large knob, and the item securely in place it takes little effort to remove or install the pin. The body of this watch tool is made of metal and the pins are made of hardened steel. The unit has a non slip, grooved rubber bottom so your work will not move around. This bracelet link remover comes incl. 4 pins with diameter: 0,6 - 0,8 and 1,0 mm. Despite it's compact design this is the highlight of this class of watch tools and suitable for bracelets up to 24mm (width).

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