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SAFEWINDER EXCLUSIV 15 Safe & watch winder


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This home safe for 15 watches and jewelry storage is made expressly for the collector, the SAFEWINDER EXCLUSIV 15 represents the utmost in secure for your most cherished watches. The Safe is made by Hartmann Tresore, Germany, and he has a multi-wall safe construction, which allows the lightest possible weight combined with a maximum security level. The bolt mechanism locks the safe on all four sides. Safwinders Exclusive carry the rating of VDS II and thus meet the high demands of German and international insurance companies and comply with the very strict EU norm EN 1143-1. Exterior: color silver white, interior: walnut wood veneer. The watch winder technology comes from the world wide leader manufacturer MTE (Motion Tech Engineering, Germany), a sophisticated microprocessor controls the watch winder cycles; and your choice of clockwise, counter-clockwise rotation, or automatic reversing when desired. Dimensions (HxWxD): 1150 x 590 x 525mm (plus handle), net weight (VDS III): approx. 300 kg.

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