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S1 Life Style watch winder AKTIVO PRO16 FULL BLACK


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S1 Life Style AKTIVO PRO16 FULL BLACK EDITION CABINET: 16 watch winder, each for one watch, incl. the original AKTIVO CABINET V16 for 16 watch winder modules, with LED light and drawer in the base for storage additional 14 watches. The watch winder is inserted into the case and locks into place; to release the watch winder, simply push it a few millimetres backwards and then it will automatically pop forwards. The watch is wound using a latest generation Mabushi motor, and has simple one-touch programming (clockwise and anticlockwise) with no need to spend ages reading operating instructions – immediately ready for use. Dimensions watch winder modules: 145 x 145 x 165mm, dimensions watch winder cabinet: 74cm (b) x 74cm (h) x 31cm (d).

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