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BULLONGÈ COMPO 1866 MARQUETRY watch box for 9 watches


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We usually associate high quality watches with high-class sophistication and a symbol of a luxurious life. And to maintain the classiness and exclusivity to it, a collector must hold a high-end watch box. So to make sure this happens, BULLONGÈ brings to you the stylish COMPO 1866 MARQUETRY watch box. The exterior consists of filigree, multi-colored real wood veneer inlays (facets) covered with clear lacquer, high-gloss polished. Interior: 9 compartments with 5 soft velvet gray watch cushions for S-XL watches and 4 additional watch cushions for XXL watches up to 60mm in diameter. This watch box is a limited edition of only 50 pieces and none is 100% identical, it's finest craftsmanship.

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