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S1 Life Style watchwinder AKTIVO PRO8 FULL BLACK


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S1 Life Style AKTIVO PRO 8 FULL BLACK EDITION CABINET: 8 watch winder, each for one watch, incl. the original AKTIVO CABINET V8 for 8 modules, with LED light and drawer in the base for storage additional watches. The watch winder is inserted into the case and locks into place; to release the watch winder, simply push it a few millimetres backwards and then it will automatically pop forwards. The watch is wound using a latest generation Mabushi motor, and has simple one-touch programming (clockwise and anticlockwise) with no need to spend ages reading operating instructions – immediately ready for use. Dimensions modules: 145 x 145 x 165mm, dimensions cabinet: 38cm (b) x 84cm (h) x 31cm (d).

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